The air supported structure is a particular building without a frame inside because it is supported by air pressure.  It consists on a PVC shell that is supported by a difference between internal and external pressure (the first one exceeds the second one).


The change in air pressure is created by an inflating unit, situated near the structure, which blows air in the dome and which also functions as heating system thanks to a gas burner.


Another machinery, the so called “EMERGENCY UNIT”, keeps the structure pressurized in case of breakdowns of the main inflating unit. It also has an important function of controlling constantly the main external load, the wind, in order to adjust the internal pressure.


These machinery are connected to the dome by flexible tubes and the air is spread by two "bags" that prevent heavy and annoying airflows.


The structure is tied down to the ground by anchors which are attached to a concrete foundation.


Entrances to the structure are equipped with 2 sets of doors or revolving doors for maintaining the structure interior pressure. All entrances and emergency exits are connected to the structure using "bellows" that balance the natural swings of the dome. 


Vertical Corners!!!